Ballard Acura Repair Service


At a time when the American car landscape was still dominated by GM and Ford, and luxury cars were based on long boat-like designs with power windows, ash trays and plush interior Acura brought the first Japanese luxury autos overseas.

The Honda company launched the Acura Legend and Integra in 1986 in an attempt to maximize profits despite the export restrictions placed on them at the time. Over the coming years they developed their powerful fleet of coupes, sedans and sports wagons with 6 cylinder engines, VTEC Ballard Acura Repair Servicevariable valve timing technology and the SH-AWD system.

Both Lexus and Infiniti owe their success to the trailblazing done by Acura vehicles in marketing, technological performance and sleek styling for the mid-to-late 80s that evolved into the luxury sports car market as we know it today. Especially with the arrival of the NSX in 1990, which was the first Japanese challenge to the exotic European sports car market and a very successful one at that.

Recently featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Fast And Furious franchise Acura continues to be competitive and high profile in a world where some innovators remain exclusive and hidden behind the walls of their secret laboratories.

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