Ballard Honda Repair Service

Manufacturers of motorcycles, aircraft, robotics as well as power tools and generators, Honda is most widely respected for their contributions to the international car market. Whether for their racing models, luxury designs or affordable commuter-friendly vehicles, they’ve been on the forefront of the industry since they entered the auto manufacturing game in 1963.

They were late to the game compared to Toyota and Nissan, who had been cranking out their own designs since WWII. But they quickly showed themselves to be capable of competing with the already-established tiBallard Honda Repair Servicetans of the industry.

They came to America in 1978 to start building motorcycles, then in 1982 the first Honda Accord appeared. It was the very first American-made car produced by a Japanese company. They soon moved on to lawnmowers, power equipment and expanded their manufacturing locations to Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Then came plants in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Today the American Honda Motor Company is based out of Torrance, California.

One of the most impressive aspects of their lasting effect on the automotive landscape is the longevity they enjoy. Everywhere you go, you see old and new examples of classic Honda models like the Civic, Accord, Insight, and the entire CR series. They’re filling the roads in cities everywhere because they just don’t stop running. When you live and drive in a part of town like Ballard, Washington, it’s important to be mobile. It’s not easy to travel quickly to other areas of the city or King County with just public transit to help you. So keep your Honda running smoothly and consistently by letting our Ballard Honda repair service experts see it as soon as possible. We’ll be your new go-to assistance for any and all issues related to Honda automobiles, new and old.