Ballard Infiniti Repair Service

When the time comes to bring your luxury car to an Infiniti service department in Seattle, trust the techs at Market St. Motors. Our Ballard Infiniti repair service is second to none in the city of Seattle.

Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury vehicle division that launched back in 1989 with the Q45 and M30 models. Today the Infiniti brand is featured by over 230 Ballard Infiniti Repair Servicedealers in over 15 countries worldwide. The goal was initially to target car lovers outside Nissan’s mainstream market designs. Especially in the growing luxury car market they weren’t known for competing in.

At the time, they had to run head-to-head with the other new additions to the luxury market, Acura and Lexus. As all 3 brands would evolve throughout the 1990s and 2000s, drivers would come to appreciate the cool stylishness of Infiniti, refined by a level of comfort and class the competition couldn’t provide.

As time went on, the Infiniti name became synonymous with quiet, comfortable rides and with the advent of the G series they garnered a reputation as  the “Japanese BMW.” Anyone who doubts their diversity and versatility need only look to their advancement into compact luxury crossover models as well as Formula 1 racing endeavors.

At Market St. Motors, we understand that your luxury car does more than just take you to work every day. It’s part of your personal style and a companion in your evening excursions around this great city of Seattle we love so much.

Our Ballard Infiniti repair service is here to make sure you’re not going to have to wait any longer than necessary to have this crucial component of your life back where it belongs.