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Another Japanese innovator that incorporated their experience building airplane parts with their car manufacturing methods, Mitsubishi has been ahead of the competition from the very start.

Back in 1917, the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. created the first series-production automobile in Japanese history. The Mitsubishi Model A was a hand-built seven-seat sedan that inspired the company to later unify with Mitsubishi Aircraft Co to create Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

MHI developed a prototype sedan for military use in 1937 called the PX33. It was the first Japanese car with full-time 4-wheel drive. A landmark that would springboard them to success in the coming decades with motorsport competition and SUV sales with models like the Montero and Montero Sport.

Names like the Lancer, Eclipse and Galant all resound in the halls of Japanese sport royalty. Lifetime Mitsubishi drivers understand the benefits of loyalty to this brand.

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