Subaru Mechanic Serving the Seattle, WA, Area


Whether you’ve been loyal to the Subaru line for decades or you’re only recently beginning to discover the many reasons for their ever-growing fanbase, you can bring your Subaru to Market St. Motors for any kind of service.

Subaru has been inspiring dedication in their customers since they first started importing cars to America. Their innovations in symmetrical all-wheel drive for superior traction and balance have led people all over the United States, UK, and Philippines to new adventures that other cars could never take them on.  We’re Ballard Subaru Repair Servicetalking about a car company that started in the aerospace industry, after all. One that now makes cars that dominate in rally sports as much as they protect the safety of families on the highway.

Maintaining optimal performance and control of your Subaru is paramount, especially during Seattle winters. The only way to ensure you get the best return on your investment in a Subaru is to provide it with the routine maintenance our Subaru service technicians in Ballard excel at. These cars are driven daily in stop-and-go traffic and then taken on mountain road trips during the weekend. Let us help you keep that Subaru running like it did the day it came off the lot.


Come see us at Market St. for the best in Ballard Subaru Repair Service