Toyota Auto Repair

Ballard Toyota Repair Their proud history extends back to 1930 when Kiichiro Toyoda began research into gasoline-powered engines after trips to Europe and the United States to investigate automobile production methods. In 1933, the company started in Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.

Ballard Toyota Repair SpecialistsTheir vision of creating compact, fuel-efficient cars was crystallized in 1966 with the announcement of the Toyota Corolla. A car that today is ubiquitous wherever there are roads to drive on and synonymous with value.

Today they are famous for trailblazing hybrid technology that takes fuel conservation to unheard of levels in the mainstream car market. But they are also responsible for famous names like Supra, Celica, Ballard Toyota ServiceSpyder, Forerunner, Camry, Tundra, MR2, and the famous 2000GT, which stole the show as one of the few non-European made sports cars to be featured in a James Bond film.

They’re a household name that’s just as familiar on the race track as they are on off-road maneuvers.


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